Beautiful Cosmetics®

Beautiful Cosmetics is a renowned group in the field of cosmetics across Pakistan. Specializing in skincare products, we are one of the top cosmetic manufacturers and suppliers in Pakistan since our establishment in 1985. The company's foundation was built on the notion to never compromise on quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Skincare Brands

There are several brands that function under the umbrella of Beautiful Cosmetics. Some of them include: Kojic, Skin Love, Red Lotus Herbals, Husn-e-Hoor, White Satin, White Satin X, Golden Queen and more. We manufacture a range of over 160 skincare products meeting the needs of our clients and customers alike.

Where to buy?

You can can purchase our products online by clicking here Shop Now 

For wholesale and other inquiries go to the contact us directly.

How to reach us?

For any querries email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or call directly at +92-322-3111191